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Welcome to Myriad’s Garden Explorer!
Garden Explorer enables you to access our entire database of plants from all 15 acres of outdoor gardens and the Crystal Bridge Tropical Plant Conservatory in an easy to use format! It can be used to explore our plant collection in a variety of ways.
If you would like to see specific plants in the garden but don’t know where to find them, you can use the Search function with either the scientific or common names or search by plant family. Plants that can be found within our collection can be displayed with their location on a map along with additional information. If you would like to see a planting list of one of our many gardens, like the Oklahoma native plants found in our Prairie Garden, you can also search by area.
Use the Map feature to zoom in on a specific location in the Garden and see all the plants located in that area. You can use this feature to help identify any plants for which you could not find a label or just explore the many types of plants you will find growing at our gardens from your own home.
Under Tours you will find a selection of self-guided walking tours created by the Myriad Garden’s staff highlighting plants of seasonal or thematic interest.

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Garden overview
1Great Lawn
2Sheridan Lawn
3Meinder’s Garden
4Prairie Curve
5Wavy Path
6Center Lake
7Seasonal Plaza
8West Lake
9East Lake
10Pavilion Lawn
11Thunder Walk
12Children’s Garden
13Dog Park
14Prairie Garden
15Geo Beds